Two riflazos approach the selection of Costa Rica to Brazil

Two riflazos, football fan shouted by the people, drew the embers a game that looked uncertain and that seemed to lead towards distress.

However, in football goals are love than words: two goals in the mere dawn of the second half of the game straightened out and glimpse the great goal of the World Cup is not a pipe dream.
Still missing, but with the harvested, going to Brazil and does not seem a crazy idea.

In this first part, Costa Rica lacked clarity and criteria with the ball; tended to precipitate when wrong and had to play it.Literally, in a trice, filed doubt, put the game on their side and the compass needle pointing the tie southern Africa.
Bryan Ruiz, free kick, and Celso Borges, with tremendous shot from left angle of Jaime Penedo, solved the game in less time than it takes to tell.
Panama was “touched” and although he wanted to return, the truth is that, between the emergency and score against the precariousness of their position in the table-is clouded his mind and finished as the boxer who gets hit clean in the jaw.
At 2-0, the team tico could be lightened and take your way the rest of the game.
A football cliché says that the goal is the tactical games: with that seen last night, that statement is baseless soccer.
It was a good win for Costa Rica from the point of view that could right the wrong of initial excellent because the task is removed and remains the perfect brand, the eleventh commandment.
He finished the game with a outbreak of anger, bickering, who did not pass beyond.
In the end, Costa Rica will and feeling satisfied: Brazil not far.

Info: La Nacion Newspaper


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