The selection of Costa Rica gave no other Aztecazo to Mexico, but it sure looks like they did!!!!

Costa Rica took a valuable point in the stage considered harder in the CONCACAF zone. The Tricolor face the second round of qualifying with the advantageous factor of having three home games.

One, gold point, yesterday’s game. That’s for sure.

What happens is that the human being is so ambitious that we now say that the Tricolor should have returned to the country with the three.
Maybe, because the great match gave the team, the options were, the Mexicans had not, our confidence, frustration, finally, all was to bring victory, in theory, the hardest stage the area.

The draw is vital because it allows Costa Rica to be among the first three places in the hexagonal to the 2014 Brazil World Cup, after the first five days.
These three places are what give the direct ticket. As one popular tico said: “To be inside of the ring is much better than being outside.”

La Nacion June 12, 2013

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