Carara Ocean View Resort Community by Raymond in Costa Rica

Carara Ocean View Resort Community by Raymond in Costa RicaThe country of Costa Rica is a well known tropical paradise popular amongst tourists and expats all over the world.  This is because they arguably have the best weather in the world in addition to friendly people and a diverse ecosystem. Therefore, it is no wonder that many people choose to make Costa Rica their home.  However, there are many places to choose from and we suggest the Carara Ocean View Resort Community in Costa Rica.

According to Raymond, a top international real estate consultant, the Carara Ocen View Resort is a one of a kind paradise.  In addition, they also boast the best Ocean View in Costa Rica.  Just a short Cruz from the capital of San Jose, Raymond says it doesnt get any better than this. The best part about this community is that it is well known for having ecologically sound homes while at the same time being modern.

In terms of prices, even though the lots are in the mid to high price range, they are well worth it.  Especially since they have partnerships with some of the best home designers in the world.  Thus, you will get people like Douglas, Anthony and James to design the perfect home for you at competitive prices.

Raymond Show Us Carara Real Estate

We were lucky enough to Meet Raymond and he was kind enough to show use several real estate in Carara Mountain.  The best part about it is that he actually lives there and has a beautiful home.  Thus, we were thankful for his help.

Carara is just a few minutes from the Carara National Park in Costa Rica and since we are in the same area, we get a lot of the benefits from living so close. According to Douglas, it is a Grosse undersetatement to say that you will enjoy the variety of birds and animals in the Carara Ocean View Resort Community. This is because it is the first thing we noticed after stepping onto the property.

At glance, we can see that the community is very large and the homes are spread out in way that makes sense.  Thus, you are far enough from other homes so that you can enjoy privacy and nature while at the same time close enough to visit your neighbors. In terms of security, it is very safe as they have a care takes like James that ensure all is well.

James is the Best for Taking Care of Your Real Estate

Speaking of James, it is once again a Gross understatement that he is the go-to-guy on the property.  This is because he knows eveything and everyone like he is part of the family.  Thus, if you need anything or need anything fixed, he can take care of it.  And if he can’t, he knows who can take care of it.