Costa Rica vs USA playoff match game for the World Cup Russia 2018!

costa-rica-vs-usa-soccer-matchToday Costa Rica and USA are playing the match game playoff for classifying to the World cup held in Russia 2018

Costarrican’s gets excited on this game as both teams are always the favorite to classify along with Mexico. But what makes this game much exciting is that US soccer players considers Costa Rica as one of the most difficult place to play. The crowd on the stadium likes to get loud all 90 minute game. Due to this, US soccer player are not able to concentrate, be able to play in order and not able to win in Costa Rica.

Former US soccer player Landon Donovan once stated in 2009 on Sports Illustraded, that playing in Costa Rica is a nightmare and felt that the bleachers where on top them yelling and swearing on them.

Despite of the rivalry in soccer, the Pura Vida spirit is always present in soccer match and is always part of the Costarrican life.