We made it! Paul McCartney will be performing tonight in Costa Rica

Tonight is historical, even empty that such a statement is read. For the first time, an ex-Beatle rear its splendor and talent in Costa Rica as part of the tour Out There!.

The tour, undertaken by McCartney since 2013, has not only seen the musician flip the world, but according to recorded media of other countries, presented as active, energetic and effective as ever, proving that the best way to describe the artist is calling it for what it is: a tireless rock.

The second leg of the tour began this year with a concert at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay, on April 19. After the concert, the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais quoted by “The narrative of the show rarely ever lose the direct link so that, ultimately, it’s five guys playing rock’n’roll, sometimes sophisticated but often simple, without many more attributes that sympathy. ”

The Country supplemented with the following sentence, among many others: “(The McCartney) will be a show at the highest technical level, but the basic joys of rock and native (and other music, of course) that grew out of The Beatles remain the raw material, the point from which almost all part.
“The magazine published Rocknvivo:” At 71 years old, McCartney seems to have found in music a source of eternal youth. The ex-Beatle accomplished the task seem simple when you actually do the most extraordinary things, from its unbreakable connection with the public, to maintaining perfect harmony with his band and the complex staging of the tour Out There “! .

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