Costa Rica closes enthusiastic election day and joy to the streets

The country ended without incident an election day filled with enthusiastic voters who took to the last minute to cast their vote, while the streets are beginning to fill with joy.

The 2,115 eligible voting centers closed their doors at 6 pm, at which time also the major presidential candidates have withdrawn to their homes or tents to prepare to receive the results.

Unlike other elections this Sunday most voters went to the polls early. There were few who had to fight the clock and dams to avoid running out to place your vote.

Such behavior, as well as the notorious Affluence citizens to the polling stations, a blow to predict based on 32% turnout for the 2010 elections.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) confirms that the day has passed without major incident.elector-ejerce-sufragio-San-Salvador_LNCIMA20140202_0153_9

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