Tico Movies ‘Puerto Padre’ and ‘Red Princess’ Selected for Film Festival in Guadalajara

A very good news Costa received the film , having not one but two films selected to compete as part of the International Film Festival of Guadalajara , one of the most important meetings in Latin America in the film guild.

This is Puerto Padre movie director Gustavo Fallas, and red Princesses Laura Astorga. Both productions were chosen to compete in the Latin American Fiction Feature category , a list that brings together 12 films in total.

This can be seen on the official website of the film festival, www.ficg.mx.

Gustavo Fallas, director of the film and the race coordinator of Film and Television of the Veritas University , this call is very important for local films , as they will have the opportunity to exhibit in this great showcase their work, and part of the culture Costa Rica .

“The name of Costa Rica comes in a more forceful on an international stage manner. It’s also somehow expose our language , culture, history and pictures of our country in a scenario of very high caliber. Additionally you come into contact with other producers and film to generate projection into the future face groups , La NacionAstorga-Berlinale-Princesas-Rojas-ARCHIVO_LNCIMA20140118_0008_17

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